In the shadow of century-old oak

Metamorphosis of roses
Grandma's scrapbook


Sandra said...

Merci beaucoup de ton passge c'est très sympa

Land of shimp said...

Okay, so this is potentially embarrassing as I don't speak any Dutch, to the extent that I'm not sure the subtitles are in Dutch, but I think they are.

Of course, looking up at the above comment, I recognize French.

Well, here's hoping you will forgive me my inability to correctly identify your language. I'm assuming that you'd have found my blog via Carolina's. I'm sorry I lived up the American stereotype of only being fluent in one language :-)

Neat videos, I've been looking through your blog for a little bit. I really like this video. I like the visual compression. Is it possible to add in a compression from another direction? I'm woefully inadequate in all things technological, but what I mean is if you are working with up and down, could you also do a side-to-side? It's just a visually engaging short as it is, and a sense of greater dimension might be added.

I also really liked the shots you used on a video a page back (with the techno music). That shot of the field and fence in the mist is lovely.

Moun said...

Un sympathique montage pour cette rose jaune, pour ce soleil chez les fleurs