a world of my roses

   world of red roses, the finest in the world to him there, most of all love, 


✿ ♥ France ✿ ✿ said...

Bonjour et bien de belles roses chez toi c'est tj un plaisir tu sais de regarder des fleurs
Passe une belle journée

Grandma's scrapbook said...

Thank you France for comment, especially my great pleasure and honor to read these comments, and join me in a world of roses!

Giulia said...

Hello, Steve. Your roses are always beautiful. The rose and the orchid are my favourite flowers.
Please, Steve, you wrote your comment about my last post (crop circles) precedent post "Coup de coeur" !! Could you correct the situation, please ? And after, I'll suppress it on Coup de coeur.
Thank you very much, Steve

Gwendoline said...

j'aime beaucoup les roses...j'ai environ 6 rosiers avec des couleurs différentes et même un qui n'a pas d'épine...

✿ ♥ France ✿ ✿ said...

Bonne soirée

claude said...

Hi Steve !
I love red roses. I have an flowerbed with 13 red roses and another one, border bed with 10 reds roses (Lili Marleen).
I have two others flowerbed with eleven red roses each but they are not the same and they are less red than the Lili Marleen roses.
I have a few others rose bushes of different colors. I live roses !