Black and white world

One photo


✿ France ✿ ✿ said...

BOnjour bonjour
Elle est magnifique cette photo j'aime beaucoup ce paysage chez toi ce matin
Et le blanc et le noir et même du gris je trouve que c'est magique
MErci alors

kavita said...

Brilliant .Outstandingly beautiful.Hope you are doing great Steven :)

claude said...

Hello Steven ! Thanks for your last comment. I feel fine.
Excellent black and white.
Over here Fall is just around the corner. Yestesday I saw the trees begin to turn yellow. It is not my favourite season. I prefer srping and summer. I wish you the best too.

Shrinky said...

Did you take this, Stephen? It very atmospheric, quite stunning! Hope you are enjoying a good week?

✿ France ✿ ✿ said...

BOnne soirée

✿ France ✿ ✿ said...

Je viens te dire bonsoir et à bientôt

Gwendoline said...

joli flou artistique!