after the break again with you

After the break, I am again with You all my good friends, and I promise that I will appear a second time before I go. This time to, really, I did not arrived. Thanks for understanding, for this time I saved my ,not-so perfectly edited music clip, that I hope will you like it!

Grandma's scrapbook


✿ ♥ France ✿ ✿ said...

Je vais chercher la traduction

✿ ♥ France ✿ ✿ said...

OUI je pense que nous allons aimer oui oui

Land of shimp said...

Hello :-)

Well I hope enjoy your break. I liked your video, I liked the graphic at the beginning of the little gears hoisting the screen.

You have a good sense of shadow creating texture in some of those photographs, too!

kavita said...

Glad to see you back !

Sandra said...

Je suis malade donc le lit est bien mon ami ce soir. UNE grosse gastro bonne soirée

Rosette ou Rosie, c'est pareil said...

Happy to have you back Steve and a million thanks for your charming visits to my virtual home!