bosonoga na mjesečini

For lovers of  the poetry today, 
I wrote this verse I hope you like it - Enjoy each new day, 

     ne razmišljaš o tome
da nagost može
prste da splete
briga tebe...
bokovi kao brezena vjetru
kao dokovi...
da uplovi
i nemoj da šapćeš mjesecu
bosonoga sa mjesecom znaš kakav je on
bla, bla, bla ....
nedostigniti minuti
neće se vrartiti
podari vatri
te tvoje mirisne dunje
neka ih
srce miluje
Despite, late autumn, roses are still held, the image proves. 
 Photographed on Sunday in the first twilight.

Always with you, 
Grandma's Scrapbook!


kavita said...

A beautiful rose to compliment your wonderful verse .Cheers !!

Giulia said...

Hi, Steve! How are you ? The falls'photo is very very nice, and the rose too. I like every sort of fall in the world.
As usual, the translator (like every translator on the net)is bad and so I cannot understand your poetry, I am sorry and it's a pity!
Have a good day and thank you for your visit!

✿ ♥ France ✿ ✿ said...

Merci pour ce si beau poeme je viens de voir la traduction ainsi c'est bien plus simple pour moi.

claude said...

I agree with Giulia, the translating is french is very bad. I tried in English, is it better.
The rose and the color of the water are very pretty.

claude said...

I agree with Giuia. The translating in french is very bad. I have tried in english and is better a litlle bit.
The rose and the color of the water are verry beautiful.

Cloudia said...

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral



Land of shimp said...

Hello from across our language divide, Steve!

I'm not sure what the poem says, but I can say with all sincerity that the language looks beautiful and rather mysterious (to me).

I like that sensation, "Wow, that could say anything. It could have the mysteries of life contained therein and I'll never know!" It's a wonderful feeling.

And that picture of the falls is just gorgeous!

Giulia said...

Claude is right, it's better in english... hi, Steve!